Modern phylogenteic comparative methods and their application in evolutionary biology (Seville-Spain)

The «Modern phylogenteic comparative methods and their application in evolutionary biology« conference was the first instance to provide a bouquet of overviews on the most recent developments by the most prominent experts of the comparative methodology, and also shows a wide range of contributions from different fields of evolutionary biology to demonstrate how the phylogenetic comparative approach can be used to address an ample array of biological questions in different taxa.
Dr. Hernández made a talk entitled «Interspecific body size-range geographic relationships and the diversification dynamics». Which was a investigation unit of the Magister en Cs. Mención zoología, made by Inostroza-Michael with Dr. Hernández as advisor.
Jorge Avaria-Llautureo made a talk entitled «The consequences of metabolic theory of ecology at macroevolutionary level: the case of mammals diversification». Which is one of the chapter of the Avaria-Llautureo’s Phd. thesis of the Doctorado en Sistemática & Biodiversidad, with Dr. Hernández and Dr. Rodríguez-Serrano as advisors.
The conference was a good instance to do new contact for future researches in cooperation with people that are investigating about macroevolution, and actively developing comparative phylogenetic methods.

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