VIII Reunión anual de la Sociedad Chilena de Evolución

The «Sociedad Chilena de Evolución» did the «VIII reunión anual», jointly with the «Soceidad de Biología de Chile», «Sociedad de Genética de Chile», and «Sociedad de Ecología de Chile». Event that was carried out in Hotel Patagónico (Puerto Varas) between 25-28 Nov, 2014. In that instance, lab members presented their latest research made in areas of Ecology, Evolution, and Biogeography.

  • Reinaldo Rivera Jara made a talk entitled: A New Approach To Probability Inferring Endemism areas Based On Explicit Models: Bayesian Analysis Of Endemism – BAE.
  • Garen Guzmán presented a poster entitled: Evaluation of the invasion potential of the lion fish, Pterois volitans: an approach using ecological niche modeling.
  • Finally, Paulo Vallejos Garrido presented a poster entitled: Contrasting ecological and evolutionary hypothesis that explaining the Platyrrhini’s hotspot in South America.

Some photos of the event

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